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In the midst of a recession, redundancy can have devastating consequences for those on the receiving end and their families. But the implications of job losses amongst railway trackworkers have another dimension - their potential impact on the maintenance regime and safety.

Network Rail is currently looking to cut costs by "cutting heads" - between 10-15% of its workforce will go. The company claims that this does not pose a threat because it has "a very robust safety change process". The RMT brands the proposals as "a recipe for disaster".

So who's right? Over the next few months, we'll try to work that out.

Latest news
New pay deal agreed
11th October 2010 (BBC News)
Background briefing
Network Rail's position Inquiry findings What the RMT says
Is safety being compromised
by Network Rail's efficiency drive?
Read the catalogue of concerns reported by RMT members
If you can enlighten the debate, please email your contribution to:
PTR&R Arrangements
(Promotion Transfer Redundancy & Resettlement)

PDF format (Hosted on RMT website)(3.5MB)
RMT Briefing Paper
PDF format (Hosted on RMT website)(19kB)
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22nd February 2010
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16th February 2010
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27th January 2010
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25th January 2010
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6th January 2010
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27th December 2009, from Jungle Ron
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24th December 2009
Spreading the message
16th December 2009
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16th December 2009, from The Safety Valve
Where are we now?
1st December 2009, from Jungle Ron
Figure of speech
1st December 2009, from The Safety Valve
Judgement call
1st December 2009, from The Safety Valve
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