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Don't get over-excited. Our 'photo quiz' is not a competition. We can't afford a prize!

Every picture tells a story - or so they say - and we'll try to find some that will have you scratching your head. We'll ask 'who, what, where or when' and then include the answer as part of our next update.
Our latest picture...

Basking in autumnal sunshine is a new railway bridge, yet to take the strain of traffic. Which lines does it connect, cross and support. We need five names in total.

The answer to our last quiz...

This bridge over the River Skerne - designed by architect Ignatius Bonomi - formerly graced the reverse side of the £5 note. It's the country's oldest operational railway bridge and was opened as part of the Stockton & Darlington Railway on 27th September 1825.

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