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If the thought police had their way, no-one would be free to have their own opinions, let alone express them. But those standing on Platform X can climb aboard the next service to West Musing via Rumination Central, and marvel at the views. What are you waiting for?

Recent contributions
Too quick to blame the railway
by Andrew Ripley, March 2013
How the reputation of a northern heritage line is being sullied by just a few members of the public and their reckless antics.
Set up to fail
Name supplied, October 2012
The safety implications of line blockages without additional protection and the persecution of signallers who fall foul of the traps.
When the simple becomes complicated
by David Shirres, February 2011
Having witnessed ten years of initiatives, a safety champion reflects on the inefficient and complicated requirements of working on track.
Do rules keep trackworkers safe?
by David Shirres, August 2010
Despite trackworker risk being too high and possession productivity too low, arrangements to significantly improve the management of engineering work are still awaited.
Coming up roses
by Stuart Marsh, July 2010
How does an organisation know where to strike the balance between the cost of failures and the cost of preventing them?
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