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"The camera never lies" - an adage which Photoshop has driven a coach and horses through. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

The shots in these two galleries are displayed in all their untampered glory. The two featured middle-agers were hoping to be touched-up by a graphic artist but that was just wishful thinking.

If you have a funny health and safety photo, email it to us and we'll feature it here.
For six years, Graeme Bickerdike (in the silly hat) and Peter Sharratt (in the other silly hat) toured the railway making track safety programmes. They found themselves in peculiar places, doing odd things and witnessing strange events. During the summer of 2007, a new version of the PTS video was commissioned, reuniting the now-wrinkled Bickerdike and Sharratt for their movie-making swangsong. Oh, how they enjoyed the rain, the treacle and the minutiae.
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