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Human Rights legislation demands that all businesses engender an atmosphere where mutual respect flourishes at all levels. 'Blue' language, used by many on-track workers, can offend delicate and highly-strung safety professionals; it also falls outside the requirements of Network Rail's colour-coding standards.

In an effort to reduce the stress levels experienced by some members of our safety team, foul and abusive language will no longer be tolerated. However, the critical importance of openly expressing views (providing they have first been authorised by Corporate Affairs) is understood and recognised.

DBHS is therefore developing a directory of mandated 'standard phrases' which on-track workers must use when communicating with safety professionals. Weekly assessments will be introduced to confirm competence and compliance.

The first ten phrases are given below.

Say... Instead of...
I think you would benefit from further training. You don't have a f***ing clue, do you?
He's an aggressive go-getter. He's a f***ing power-crazy tw*t.
Perhaps I can work late. When the f*** do you expect me to get that done?
I suspect that's not feasible. F*** off a*se-hole.
Really? Well f*** me backwards with a TCOD.
Perhaps you should check with... Go tell someone who gives a f***.
I'm not sure this can be achieved within the specified timescale. No f***ing chance mate.
It will be tight but I will try to schedule that in. Why the f*** didn't you tell me that yesterday?
Of course, I was only going to be at home anyway. Who needs f***ing holidays?
You're not familiar with the issues. You've got your head up your f***ing a*se.
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