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The Track Operatives Strategic Safety Action Statement (TOSSAS) takes a holistic, 'cradle-to-grave' approach to workforce safety, looping back the output of several idea showers. It harvests low hanging fruit and gets all the industry's ducks in a row.

By close-of-play, all partners and stakeholders will have bought into a set of paradigm shifts, cascading them down their organisations through leverage and use of a strategic staircase.

This high altitude view ensures that all players live the values. By capturing colleagues, it drills down to the appropriate level of granularity without wrongsiding the demographic. Those still feeling out of the loop have not harnessed sufficient bandwidth.

The development committee is optimistic that positive performance trends will feed through the delivery pipeline thanks to the actionable methodologies identified by two quantitive trapezia. These trapezia have been borrowed from Billy Smart's Circus.
TOSSAS 2009-11 (375kB) Click here to download the 2009-11 Track Operatives Strategic Safety Action Statement (TOSSAS)
PDF format (375kB)
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