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What would our nation be like if safety relied upon common sense and individual responsibility? Just imagine the chaos that would result, not to mention the impact of all those out-of-work lawyers on our Social Security budget.

DBHS's batallion of ostracised rule hermits - based in a padded suite on the 17th floor of our headquarters building, the Treacle Tower - is in the process of developing Rules Manuals for high-risk activities carried out during a typical shift, many of which currently fall outwith the scope of the railway's safety management systems. According to SPAC (Stagnation & Paralysis Assurance Committee), addressing this failing will enhance the lifestyle of many researchers and consultants in an uncertain economic climate.

The manuals can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF icons below. More will be added as and when they are completed. The target is to publish 30,000 of them before the project is concluded in 2024. Compliance is obligatory and will be the subject of random spot checks by members of a ZANU-PF hit squad.
XS01: Boiling the kettle (151kB) XS01: Boiling the kettle
PDF format (151kB)
XS02: Securing your bootlaces (153kB) XS02: Securing your bootlaces
PDF format (153kB)
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